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What’s on at Chelmsford City Racecourse for the rest of September?


Even though we are almost halfway through September already there are still some races left to be seen at Chelmsford City Racecourse.

The weather is still good for the time being, the Autumn weather hasn’t quite set in yet. Thankfully, as Chelmsford boasts of a great All-Weather track you can visit the racecourse throughout the year, although we’d suggest wrapping up in the colder months. The racecourse is only a ten minute drive away from Channels Lodge,  making it the perfect weekend break for you to escape to.

Here are the events for the rest of September that you will want to keep note of!

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 15th September 2016


This will be a seven-race all-weather card, with the first race at 5:50pm, and is most definitely a great way to spend an evening at a wonderful racecourse. The track is fit with floodlights so you will be able to see all the action as you would in the daytime, which is especially good as the days begin to get shorter. You definitely won’t be at a disadvantage. The Final race will take place at 8:50pm with gates opening in the afternoon at 3:50pm.

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 22nd September 2016


Gates will open for the seven-race all-weather card in the late afternoon at 4:15pm, with the first race at 6:15pm and the last race at 9:15pm. It’s bound to be a lively evening if you bring your friends along with you and soak up the atmosphere of evening racing.

Arabian Horse Racing | Sunday 25th September 2016


Ever wanted to see Arabian horses race in the flesh? Well, this is your chance! This will surely be a great day, with a nine race programme with a breed that is recognized as one of the oldest in the world – the Arabian. With gates opening in the morning at 11:00am, it will be thrilling to watch an Arabian race in action. You won’t want to miss this one so mark it down in your calendar!

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 29th September 2016


The last seven-race all-weather card of September will have its gates open in the afternoon at 3:40pm, with the races starting at 5:40pm and finishing at 8:40pm. There’s more than enough time to arrange a night out with family and friends before the weather starts to get cold again.


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