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The 5 secrets to relaxing after a busy day at work

Relaxing Business Man

Here at Channels Lodge, we’ve ensured that our 14 luxury rooms are designed with the utmost care and attention paid towards an environment in which guests can lose themselves while relaxing to the fullest extent.

Whether it’s cosying up with a fine read in our heartwarming Oak suite by the fireplace or alternatively, taking some time out to amble the Essex countryside on several local walking routes, we like to think of ourselves as a small haven of peace, tranquility and seclusion.

Continuing to host guests who choose Channels Lodge as their ideal base when commuting in and out of London on business, here are our top FIVE secrets to relaxing after a busy day at work.

1. Stop worrying about the future and focus on now

Future Versus Now

Contemporarily, many cases of anxiety and concern stem from individuals worrying themselves about what may happen in the future.

While it’s easier said than done, concentrating on there here and now is the best way to combat this.

Instead of frantically panicking about whether your commuting train into London will be packed tomorrow with restricted access to plug your laptop into the wall socket, simply cross that bridge when you come to it.

In practice, so much energy is wasted worrying about what may happen tomorrow, next week and next month that individuals actually dissuade themselves from living in the moment.

So seize the current moment and tune in to your favourite TV show in our Aspen suite, head for a round of golf or take a short drive in the Essex countryside because the future will take care of itself whether you like it or not.

2. Don’t rely on the opinions of others

Opinions of Others

While we’d be foolish to surmise that the modern-day workplace doesn’t come without its own pressures and subsequent themes of performance, appraisal and self-acceptance, getting hooked on the opinions of others isn’t the way to go.

In many cases, worrying about what other people may say or think is a huge source of wasted time and energy and at the end of the day, individuals cannot amend somebody else’s opinion.

Therefore, spending less time worrying about what others think while consequently focusing in on yourself, how you work everyday and your own performance, such individuals stand a better chance of succeeding due to this kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

3. Take some time out for yourself

Time Out For Yourself

In a hyperactive modern world, the theme of switching off can be difficult to attain at times.

While some people choose to continue chatting to their friends or associates via Whatsapp, drinking with work colleagues after work at the pub or even staying way beyond your contracted hours to finish a particular assignment, achieving a sound work-life balance is of paramount importance.

If individuals are suffering with stress or anxiety, simply switching off your mobile phone or allowing yourself an evening away from it all either in our dining room here at Channels Lodge or elsewhere, this can work wonders for seizing back control.

4. Do something different to break the cycle of routine


Whether you absolutely love working within Central London or not, the experience is still very intense, what with getting Lets Go Racingaround, competition for specific business to succeed and colleagues to pit your wits against.

Therefore, when visiting any workplace on a 5 or 7-day basis around the country for that matter, getting into a routine is sometimes inevitable.

But routines can often yield emotions of skepticism and discontent.

While the London Underground may have to factor into your everyday routine by default, perhaps try jumping off at another stop and walking the remaining distance by foot or Boris Bike.

Alternatively, why not finish the working day by heading to the gym or again, heading to Channels Golf Club in order to break the cycle of routine which can at times, prove overwhelmingly mind-numbing.

5. Amend your environment if necessary

Dine & StayNow as we mentioned at the outset, our 17 rooms here at Channels Lodge have been specifically designed to yield maximum levels of relaxation but what if you’re based elsewhere?

Sometimes returning to a messy or overcrowded environment after work will only serve to make you feel anything but relaxed.

Therefore, amending your environment from time to time is key.

A recurring theme throughout our five-point shortlist is forcing constant change into your week-to-week routine so that one remains stimulated and driven.

Dining out in midweek as opposed to cooking indoors, staying active outside work at the gym or maintaining face-to-face communication with friends away from head-down office environments are all fantastic examples of environment amendment during your free-time!

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