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What’s on at Chelmsford City Racecourse in October?


The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t matter to Chelmsford City Racecourse because they have an amazing all-weather track.

You can enjoy the races throughout the months of Autumn and Winter, you’ll just need to bring a coat to keep warm. There are lots of events taking place this October, including their very first Catwalk at the Course which is bound to draw in a big crowd.

Without further ado, here are the events that Chelmsford City Racecourse have to offer!

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 6th October 2016

Gates will open in the afternoon at 3:55pm for this seven-race all-weather card, the first of October. The first race will start at 5:55pm, with the last taking place at 8:55pm. This is bound to be a great night, starting off the races for the rest of the month.

All-Weather Racing | Monday 10th October 2016

Gates will open in the afternoon at 2:45pm for this seven-race all-weather card and it’s a great way to start the week. The first race will be at 4:55 pm, lasting all the way until the last at 7:55pm. Make your way down to the Chelmsford City Racecourse to unwind after the first day at work and soak up the atmosphere.

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 13th October 2016

Gates will open in the afternoon at 3:50pm for a seven-race all-weather card, a perfect way to celebrate it almost being the weekend. The first race will begin at 5:50pm and the final race will take place at 8:50pm, a late night under the floodlights.

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 20th October 2016

Gates will open in the afternoon at 3:45pm for a seven-race all-weather card, but don’t worry about the darker nights as they have amazing floodlights. The first race will start at 5:45pm and the last race will begin at 8:45pm. Definitely a great night out with friends.

All-Weather Racing | Saturday 22nd October 2016

Gates will open in the afternoon at 4:05pm. A much later start today for the seven-race all-weather card, with the first race starting at 6:05pm and the last taking place at 9:10pm. Luckily, it’s a Saturday, the perfect day to stay up late and enjoy a few drinks.

All-Weather Racing | Wednesday 26th October 2016

Gates will open at lunch time at 12:00pm, an early start compared to most races that take place with the first race starting at 2.00pm and the last race taking place at 5.00pm. If you can manage to escape work early you’ll be able to catch these midweek races.

All-Weather Racing | Thursday 27th October 2016

Gates will open in the afternoon at 3:40pm for the well-known Thursday races. The first race will take place at 5.40pm and the final race will start at 8:40pm, another late one to enjoy with your friends under the floodlights.

All-Weather Racing | Saturday 29th October 2016

This will be the last all-weather race for October. Gates will open in the afternoon at 3:40pm, with the first race taking place at 5:40pm and the last beginning at 8:40pm. Definitely make sure you get down to Chelmsford City Racecourse before the cold really sets in in November!

Let’s Go Racing!

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